Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is autism?

It is on the news all the time.  There are discoveries being made on a yearly basis, progressing towards the true cause of autism and the cure.  There is also much controversy as to how autism is caused and what to do about it.  Some people even believe that autism shouldn't be cured, and should be viewed as a blessing rather than a curse.

There are different categories of autism ranging over the spectrum.  Some individuals with the condition have social problems and others with more severe autism are unable to express themselves. Obviously, I am on the milder side of the spectrum. My specific diagnosis is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (otherwise not specified.) This is autism that does not fit into any known category.

My focus in this blog is going to be less towards finding a cure and more towards the here and now.  Since a cure has not yet been found, what can be done in the meantime to better understand autism?
I am going to try to distinguish my autistic characteristics from my personality to raise autism awareness.  I have been through a long road towards understanding myself and being understood by others.  My goal is to help people interpret autistic behavior and the reasons behind it.

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