Saturday, June 25, 2011

Autism and Animals

When I was going through my difficult times when I was eleven/twelve years old, I found companionship in my three cats, and particularly, the youngest cat we had just received the month before I started seventh grade.  This little black and white cat was an enormous comfort for me.  He still is at this present day.

With this cat, I found nonjudgmental acceptance and unconditional love that even I couldn't deny, deep within my depression.  A cat (or dog) does not care if you are not like the other kids in class, or if you act differently than people expect.  The dog or cat only wants to give, and receive affection.  I currently have four cats and each one of them holds a special place for me (even the youngest one, who will bite anyone who touches her).

It had been stated through different studies that cats exhibit some autistic characteristics, such as the preference of a rigid routine, a severe dislike of change, and probably more that I have not listed.  I am less interested in the scientific implications, and more interested in enjoying the company of my four furry friends while I have them in my life.

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