Thursday, June 23, 2011

Autism and Unusual Musical Talent

There is more emphasis placed on the things that those with autism can't do rather than the unusual talents that they might possess.  I believe that if there is something taken away from the mind, in the case of autism, that there is something else in the mind making up.  It can be thought of as a kind of exchange.  This video is an excellent example of what can happen in such an exchange: it is about  teenager with autism who is a musical genius.

I have a similar talent to this, but not to this extreme.  I am able to memorize music or movies after watching them time after time and be able to play them back in my head.  It was very useful when I was in high school marching band as I was able to memorize our music without very much effort and was able to retain that music for years afterward.  I can still play my part from the marching show freshman year of high school when I haven't looked at the music in nearly nine years.  I have no such skills on the piano, as this musical genius can, but I can play the clarinet and, to a limited extent, mimic sounds that I hear.

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