Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Sensory Friendly" films?

I recently heard the term "sensory friendly films" and its association with autism.  What it means is there are some movies that are easier on the senses than others.  In terms of my own senses, when I was younger, I have found that horror films were overwhelming for me.  At age thirteen, I was left shaking with nightmares for years following after viewing a dark comedy. 

I can watch that same movie now, nearly ten years later, and not get worried at all.  One thing kept me intriguing me with horror and action films and that was curiosity.  I could not help viewing such movies because I wanted to know what happened.  If left a action or horror movie unfinished, my imagination would try to anticipate what the conclusion might be.  More often or not, my imagination would predict much darker outcomes than what actually occurred in the films.

Everyone on the autism spectrum do not find the same films sensory friendly as others do.  I know someone with Aspergers Syndrome who is not bothered by horror at all.  Quite the contrary actually, horror is her autistic interest that she dedicates much time and energy to exposure.

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