Monday, August 22, 2011

Waterford Diner Supports Autism Research

Earlier today, my brother and I went out for lunch at a local diner Bryan's Neighborhood Coney.  I was seated facing the door and the rumble of traffic on Elizabeth Lake Road in Waterford.  On the wall surrounding the window, I noticed a handful of sheets of paper hanging on the wall.  Each sheet displayed a light-blue puzzle piece with someone's name handwritten in the center.

I immediately recognized the puzzle piece as a symbol for autism.  Bryan's Neighborhood Coney is currently collecting money for the organization Autism Speaks for autism research.  As I was eating, another customer commented how few donations the diner has received so far.  I do not know how long they have been running this campaign.  I made sure, before I left, to donate some money for the great cause.  I encourage my readers to do the same if they can.

Not only will you get great food and friendly service at Bryan's, but you can also, support a great cause!  Bryan's Neighborhood Coney is located at 3861 Elizabeth Lake Road, right by the traffic light at the South Roslyn intersection.  The telephone number is (248) 681-1739.  Stop by to support a great cause as well as great food.

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