Saturday, October 8, 2011

Learning to Drive

The goal of every teenager in high school is to get a driver's license.  At that age, it means freedom.  It means that they are no longer dependent of others to go where they need to go.  I was no different.  I wanted my license at sixteen, but it was at that age when I started driver's ed.

My parents were taking a cautious approach to my learning to drive.  They did not want me to get inattentive when behind the wheel.  I understood that concern, so I did not press them too hard. Many people with autism do not have the focus or the cognitive skills to drive. After taking driver's ed and a year of driving experience, I finally received my license at age eighteen.  Today, I drive myself wherever I need to go whether it's to work or to school.  I never really give it a second thought.  I am not a perfect driver, but then again, few drivers are ever perfect. Overall I am a good driver which is enough for me.

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