Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Dani Bowman!

I would like to take time in this post to talk about the outstanding achievements of a teen with autism.  Sixteen year old Dani Bowman has achieved many things in her short life.  When she was eleven, Dani founded Powerlight Studios, an animation company in La Canada Flintridge, California.

Dani worked with Joey Travolta in the 2011 OUCARES Film Camp offered at Oakland University this past August. She taught animation to the autistic participants to help them make a short animated film.  I went to the Film Premier for this film camp and watched some of Dani's instruction.  Her knowledge of animation is nothing short of extraordinary.

What Dani has done here is an example of an individual with autism who has reached their full potential.  I have talked in previous posts of the achievements those with high functioning autism can achieve if their gifts are nourished.  Dani is living proof of what I have been talking about in this blog.  We who have autism can accomplish so many wonderful things if people take the time to understand us.  Under the right conditions, we can literally change the world.

For more information about Dani, visit the website for Powerlight Studios:

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