Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taylor Morris Part Three

There is a lot more emphasis placed on the disadvantages of autism than of the advantages.  It is true that many people who have severe autism require life-long care.  I believe that higher functioning autism such as PDD-NOS and Aspergers Syndrome can become an asset when it comes to certain situations.

In this video by Taylor Morris, she talks of the advantages of Aspergers in her case.  When you watch the video, you will hear her say that she is very good at geography, math, and Spanish.  In my case, I have some advantages at math, I have some advantages at writing, but I don’t have many advantages at Spanish.  I took two years worth of Spanish and I know enough Spanish to be dangerous.  I agree with Taylor though, I believe that people with high functioning autism can find both their passion and place in the world with their skills and interests. That is what I hope to do with my writing someday.

Here is a link to Taylor’s video where she discusses the advantages of having an “Aspie’s Mind.”

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