Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taylor Morris Part Two

In my last post, I discussed what Taylor had become as an autistic advocate and  model.  It was through these insights that she has become the accomplished person she is today.  Now, I would like to talk about who she was before these wonderful things happened to her.  She was just like any other autistic child coping with sensory issues and striving to figure out how she was going to fit into the world.

This video is definitely something I can relate to.  After watching it, I look at some of my behaviors in a new way.  She has an amazing grasp of what it means to be autistic.  The way that she explains it really names some of the feelings that I was not able to identify before viewing this video.  Even though I have an understanding of what it means to be autistic, I am only familiar with myself.  I can always gain new understanding from someone else.  Every person with autism is different.

Here is one of the first videos posted by Taylor Morris on  This video discusses her viewpoint on having autism and more details about her story before her success as a model.  It also discusses how autism has affected the way that she lives her life.  

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