Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Annie Eskeldson and My Blog Radio Show

A few days ago, I received the opportunity to speak at a blog radio show about autism.  On Monday , November 21st, I participated in "The Children Express" hosted by author Annie Eskeldson.   "The Children Express" was aired online at 8 p.m. eastern daylight time.  During this show, I discussed many aspects of growing up with autism.

Annie has two children with autism.  She has written a few children books on the topic of autism.  Annie was told that her children would never live "normal" lives.  She is proud to have proven the experts wrong.  Her oldest daughter is a great student and very social.  Annie is truly an inspiring figure because she has done what the experts told her could not be done.

Annie hosted the blog radio show I participated in a few days ago.  It was a very good interview, I was able to directly address parent concerns about children with autism.  I hope that this is the first of many such opportunities that I receive in order to raise autism awareness.

For more information about Annie, visit her website

Also, visit her blog

To download an listen to "The Children Express," visit the following link and then fast forward to an hour into the track to listen to the "The Children Express," there is another show on prior to my show.

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