Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some Past Eating Habits

Prior to my autism diagnosis, there were some habits that became ingrained when I was just starting school.  For one thing, when I was five years old in kindergarten, I was in the habit of not eating my packed lunch. Instead, on a daily basis, I put my lunch back in the bin that would be returned to the classroom.  Even if I was hungry, I would not eat because it was just what I did at the time of day.  It was an ingrained habit.  There was no logic behind it besides: well, I've done it all year, things just won't feel right if I don't do it today as well.

Eventually, I overcame that habit.  I think the fact that I started first grade contributed as much to that change of behavior as the scolding my mom gave me.  My rationality was: oh, this is first grade, it is not kindergarten any more, so this change of behavior is okay.  Since it's a new year, bad things won't happen if I make that change.  Now that eating habit was overcome.  I now ate my entire lunch from first grade onward.  Now I was belligerent about eating the crusts off of my sandwiches.  I just refused to do that.  This particular habit was not something that I overcame until I was in middle school.

I hope that my experience in this matter helps parents who are struggling to get their autistic child to eat the food that they need to grow.

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