Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Words for my Readers

In this post, I want to take a moment to address my readers.

I am less worried about the cause of autism than with doing my part to raise autism awareness.  Many causes of autism can be debated, such as vaccines for example, which is a controversial topic to many.  Scientific evidence has been presented that proves that vaccines are not associated with autism.  That is good enough for me.  Whatever trouble I had with autism in the past is long gone.  I am now focused on using my powerful writing skills and intuition to help others struggling with autism.

I am writer, not a scientist.  I would rather take action using the insights and talents I have then to debate what might cause autism.  I have received confirmation that my words have helped many people.  The Voice from the Spectrum has been read in different parts of the world, including parts of Europe, China, Russia South Africa, Peru, and Australia.  Autism is not a condition that is affected by international borders.  I cannot imagine the impact my words are having that I don't know about.

Later this week, I will be launching a second blog: "OUCARES-Did you Know..."  This blog will report the activities of a center for autism at my school Oakland University.  I encourage readers of The Voice from the Spectrum to read posts from my OUCARES blog.  This blog will also be posted on The Oakland Press website and I will continue to share my posts on Facebook from both blogs. 

I also wanted to say that I am set to graduate from college December of 2012. By that time, I plan to have a book ready to submit to a publisher.  This first book will tell my story in greater detail than I can achieve through blogging.

Finally, I want to thank my readers of The Voice from the Spectrum.  I want nothing more than to make a difference and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my posts and allows my words to impact your lives.  Thank you.

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