Friday, December 16, 2011

Meet Art Dubin

In this post, I would like to take a moment to talk about an extraordinary man who has Aspergers Syndrome.  Art Dubin was featured in Channel 4 local news in “The Heart of Detroit” story.  This story ran during the evening broadcast on December 15th 2011.  Dubin was interviewed by Mitch Albom about what it is like to have autism.  Dubin brought up the point that those with high functioning autism and Aspergers find complex tasks easy and interesting and tasks that most people would find easier, Dubin (and I, and many others like us) would find difficult.

This goes back to the point that I made in a post a few weeks ago, Autism as an Advantage: found at the following link:

 In this post, I talked about how I can "playback" movies, books, and songs in my head, which is very similar to what Dubin describes in his interview.  I discussed in my previous post that this ability can be used as an advantage while writing.

Art Dubin was named as man of the year by West Bloomfield Temple Israel, where he does a lot of volunteer work.  To listen to Art Dubin's interview, click the following link.

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