Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creativity is a More than a Want...It is a NEED

Valentine's Day is approaching and the demands at my job are rising.  I find myself getting worked up from what needs to be done. However, my responsibilities at work are not the source of my restlessness and unease.  Imagine that you feel like something is wrong, like something needs to be done, and like something you are doing is not good enough, I feel all those things from time to time.  The source of those feelings?  Simple.  I haven't been creative enough lately.

I know of a solution is to solve that problem, to put my mind more at ease.  The solution is simple but by no means obvious.  In order to think clearly at work, I need to write.  More specifically, I need to find some way to release my creativity that is building up inside me.  Simply jotting words down on a page is not enough.  I have to listen ti myself and find a way to express what needs to be said.  Without fail, I always feel better afterwards.  This doesn't effect just work, it impacts my peace of mind.

This is how important it is to find a way to express creativity.  Writing is the answer to my problem in order to regain my peace of mind.  The answer will probably be different for other individuals on the spectrum.  Someone might find peace of mind through singing or painting or other means.  I used to look for external sources for the answers to my restlessness when the answer was on the inside all along, waiting to be expressed.

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  1. so can see where you are coming from my son who has AS loves to make films it's his thing his escape, and so many of his AS mates enjoy taking part too some help with the script writing some love to do the filming some just like to act the parts and some like ian love doing it all.
    i must also say as someone that sometimes has bouts of depression i find papercrafting and painting such a help when my head is all over the place and i feel i can't cope. i think we all need some sort of escape from life from time to time.
    for some reason people who don't understand autistic people think they can't be creative yet it seems just the opposite. many if given the chance even profoundly autistic people can be so creative, many just need to be given the chance to use it as an outlet for their terrible stresses.
    so love your blog often drop by and have a read don't always comment but i must make the effort then you will know i've been and appreciate what you do.
    keep up the good work
    gill x