Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Draft for Me

In light of Memorial Day, while casting my mind around to find a topic for this blog post, I find myself thinking about the draft.  In the United States, the draft is something that males have to sign up for when we turn eighteen.  In the event of war, a draft is issued and young men are required to participate in training to serve the United States.  I have a lot of respect for the military, I have family in the military, but I have no intention of joining myself.  Even if there was a draft, I don't think they would want me because I depend on my medicine for coherent thoughts and concentration as well as reducing my anxiety in the evening for sleep.  Also, I don't think any amount of basic training would keep me from succumbing to a sensory overload and freezing in a combat situation.  I have a lot of respect for veterans and I thank all veterans for the sacrifices they have made so that we can all maintain our freedom.

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