Saturday, June 9, 2012

Settle Down with Change

Parents of autistic children know that their children have difficulty coping with change.  One aspect of coping with change that I have observed in my own life is something that I will call settling.  This is a term I came up with earlier that describes when I begin to accept that a change in my life is inevitable and I start searching for a new routine.  This is basically framework that I can begin to find some order in my thoughts and feelings while coping with change.  It can be a certain activity I perform at a new position at work in a certain order or it can be a certain place I might place my things while staying in a hotel room.  Sometimes, a small change can make me feel lost and uncertain.  Settling or finding new routine or familiarity can help me to adjust better, otherwise change is much more difficult to bear and that feeling of uncertainty becomes increasingly agitating.  Since I have high functioning autism, it will, of course, be very different for those with different forms of ASD.

Have any of you noticed your child settling after a change?  Comment and share your experiences.

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