Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Celebrity Puts a Foot in His Mouth

Comments recently made by a well known celebrity have angered members of the autistic community.  Rapper 50 Cent made comments on his Twitter page that were offensive to individuals with autism and shows what a long way to go we have until we are able to spread enough autism awareness and acceptance in the world.

Whatever faults that 50 Cent has as a person is overshadowed by his presence in pop culture.  It is also important to consider the accompanying influence the popular rapper has over his fans, which are great in number.  Most of his fans that saw that statement on Twitter probably do not know or care about the public outrage this has caused.  I agree that 50 Cent's public apology is not enough.  

The damage has already been done.  A great number of people witnessed that statement and have been influenced by the words of this misguided celebrity.  What we need to do now is give this story as much exposure as possible so that the knowledge to fans that their celebrity icon spoke out of turn.

For more information about 50 Cent's remarks and the public response, click here.

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