Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teen with Aspergers becomes Homecoming King

A teen with Aspergers Syndrome was recently named Homecoming King at his Metro Detroit high school.  It was not a joke or a prank of any sort, just the result of some very dedicated and understanding friends.  Eighteen year old Danny Leideker has a lot to be thankful for.  He is attending the Linden High School Homecoming Dance, probably at this very moment as I write these words.  He had two girls that agreed to take turns dancing with him just to show him what it felt like.  Friends on the varsity football team have spent time showing Danny proper social behavior.  This is something that every teen on the spectrum hopes for, including myself when I was in high school, but very few ever receive.  I am happy for Danny to have the help and support of his family and so many great friends.  To read more on this story, click on the following link:

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