Saturday, November 24, 2012

Travolta Family Tragedy

This story is more personal to me now, ever since I met Joey Travolta who is the older brother of celebrity John Travolta.  Joey Travolta runs a number of Inclusion Camps throughout the country that help to give children and teens on the autism spectrum the skills needed to function in society.  It is a cause that Joey is certainly passionate about, considering the misfortune that struck the family a few years ago.

Tragically, Jett Travolta (John Travolta's son, Joey's nephew) passed away at age sixteen after suffering a seizure while in the bathtub.  Jett had autism as well as other complications that his mother, Kelly Preston, attributes to factors in the environment while Jett was growing up.

When I last saw Joey Travolta about a month ago at the OUCARES film premier, he told me that I was a great writer and gave me a hug.  Earlier that week, I wrote a story about the OUCARES film premier that had been published in The Oakland Press.  It should be noted that Joey began raising awareness long before Jett's tragic death.

By continuing to raise autism awareness and especially through self advocacy by individuals who are on the spectrum, hopefully someday there will be enough understanding of autism to avoid tragedies such as the one that struck the Travolta Family.

To read more about Jett Travolta, click on the following link:,,20649517,00.html

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