Saturday, December 8, 2012

Looking Back/Leaping Forward

When I was eleven years old, I wasn't thinking about college or writing.  Instead, I was thinking about how I was different and how that was a bad thing.  I was wrong.  It is okay to be different.  Those on the autism spectrum have the right to be accepted just for who we are.  The best way to do this is to raise as much awareness as possible

Many people on the street have never heard of autism, let alone how it might impact their day to day lives.  It is believed that Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were on the spectrum.  The narrow focus associated with high functioning autism allowed both of them to reshape humanity.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about a twelve year old autistic prodigy with an IQ of 170.  I'm not saying everyone can become like that, I just want people to see what is possible and to not lose hope in an individual who is on the autism spectrum.

I strongly believe that under the right conditions, someone on the autism spectrum could literally change the world.  The only way to create those conditions is to raise awareness.  That's the cause I have dedicated my life to.  At age eleven my parents had not started saving for college because it didn't seem like I would make it that far.  I graduate from college in one week.  Never say that it can't be done.

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