Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty Queen on the Spectrum

Those on the spectrum continue to defy the odds that once restricted us.  In this post, I'm going to share one more glamorous example of what is possible for someone on the autism spectrum.  Alexis Wineman is representing the state of Montana in the Miss America pageant.  Alexis is one girl who has defied the odds that once restricted her.  The basis of her success story is similar the stories of many other individuals on the autism spectrum.  Alexis never imagined ever entering a beauty pageant, just as I never thought I would be a writer or podcast host, and just as many others on the spectrum are successful in ways they never believed possible.  While this doesn't reduce the difficulties associated with autism, the story told by Alexis reflects my own story in many ways.  Our story reflects the stories of so many other self advocates, the ones who received a chance at a crucial moment in our past, and are now living lives we never believed possible.  There is definitely a trend between all the stories told by self advocates.  As Alexis says, people on the spectrum should be viewed as a different type of person who has different needs but is fully capable of succeeding.

To read more about Alexis's story, click on the following link:

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