Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recover from Autism?

When I entered college six years ago, I started to become more open to others about my autism spectrum disorder.  Prior to that time, I carefully observed other people before I revealed to them that I was on the spectrum.  This was because I did not really know what their reactions might be and I also did not really understand the extent of my own autism spectrum disorder.

After first starting at Oakland University after attending community college classes for two years, I met with a counselor in the disability services office to discuss what accomadations I could receive for writing difficulties I was experiencing at that time.  I remember when they were looking at my files, they exclaimed that they never would have guessed that I was on the autism spectrum just by looking at me.

There were other times too, before I started to write The Voice from the Spectrum, where I revealed to others that I was on the spectrum and was met with surprise.  By that time, many of my previous social difficulties had dwindled away.  Many of the difficulties I once experienced in the past had been overcome, such as many some stimming motions, my verbal communication difficulties, my academic difficulties, and most recently, my social difficulties.  In the latter case, I let go of the vision I carried of being popular and found a small group of friends who I spend time with frequently.

Is it possible for everyone to recover from autistic difficulties?  I don't know.  I can only share my story and hope to inspire others with what I have done.  To read more about this topic, click on the following link:

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