Saturday, March 2, 2013

Everyone of the Spectrum Has a Talent

I firmly believe that everyone on the autism spectrum has a talent.  There are many examples of such talent: my friend Colin Brennan is ten years old and an excellent singer.  He memorizes his songs simply by listening to them.  My other friend Dani Bowman is skilled with animation.  Frank Allen is also a skilled artist.  I know of individuals on the spectrum who, if given a date off of a calender, could name at least one person who has a birthday.  When I was a kid, I could name all the presidents and all fifty states in America along with many State Capitals.  If you have a child on the spectrum, have you identified their talent yet?  If you have, how could this become a potential career?  If you haven't, try to watch your child closely in order to determine what that talent might be.  Try experiments, like giving that child a marker and a blank sheet of paper and see what happens.  There are many possibilities associated with autism.  It's important not to give up!  Under the right conditions, someone on the autism spectrum can literally change the world.

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  1. In reference to the last sentence. That's my aim. But unfortunately if one goes about spruiking it up, one is looked upon as weird or eccentric. NT's can be so jealous.;) Which is why I guess you came up with this post.

    I have always believed we all have innate talents and in time and in the right conditions they are revealed. Being autistic itself is an insight into how the brain is evolving in spite of how it might be perceived as damaged. Although it may be, it is incomprehensively incredible what the brain can achieve when under pressure to perform.

    Had my life been different I would have been either a psychologist, lawyer, teacher and or an actor or singer/songwriter.

    As it stands I have an extraordinary memory for numbers and facts. And I have been told I am quite the writer. Ironic really considering my working memory is quite poor.