Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Great Discussion about Autism and Dating

Take a look at a podcast I hosted a few weeks ago.  During this show, I had a great discussion with Arman Khodai about austism and dating.  Arman is participating in a Documentary about Autism and Dating to educate people about some of the challenges that those with autism might face in the dating scene.  We also heard from  a caller who had another unqiue perspective to offer about the subject.  This is a very important topic as many on the spectrum including myself are looking for companionship and understanding from that special someone who is still out there.

To tune in, click here:

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  1. I will try to enlighten you &others but I'm not too sure how I'll go. I met my partner DJ (a pseudonym) 24 yrs ago. We met by chance & it has taken this long for us to know each other properly. To meet someone & for it to work, you must know yourself first. Perhaps a bit too much for younger folk as we learn so much about ourselves as the years and personal events build up. I was lucky DJ was so understanding.

    How do you know you will meet someone on the spectrum or an NT? Who would you feel more comfortable with? Romance will come but don't force it. Love always finds a way even if it is in the form of friendship. Good luck to all whoseek their other. Don't settle for second best. Mr or Miss Right is out there and they too are looking for you.