Saturday, May 25, 2013

Band with Autistic Members to Tour Spain

An all-autistic member band goes on tour to Spain.  Members of AutistiX have overcome many challenges to get where they are today.  Drummer Saul Zur-Szpiro, 20, has lower functioning autism.  He still needs help with nearly every aspect of his life except drumming.  Other members include Luke Steels, 17, who plays electric guitar/base and Jack Deaven-Duggan, 18. who also plays electric guitar.  Also members of the band are Jack's father John, Saul's dad Michael, and non-family member musician Jim Connelly.  The band is based out of the UK.

One cool fact about this band is the members of AutistiX are all about the music.  They have not yet experienced stage fright while performing.  While autism is expected to present some difficulties while on tour, such as adaptability to a constantly changing environment, but they have a plan to deal with that.  They plan to arrive at each town included in their tour during the day, so that members of AutistiX can get familiar with the environment.  They are also viewing the towns on YouTube to get familiar with the area before arriving.

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