Saturday, May 11, 2013

Slipped through the Cracks

Last month, I connected with an adult who is on the autism spectrum.  He self diagnosed himself with autism just a few years ago.  He was wondering how many adults have not received a diagnosis and have slipped through the cracks.  People who could benefit from services but cannot receive them because there is no formal diagnosis.  Together, this man and I are working to start a non profit organization called A4C which will hopefully find a way to address those needs.

A question for my readers: do you know of any individuals who you suspect are on the autism spectrum who have never received a formal diagnosis?  Answer in the comment box below and help us try to find ways to help you!


  1. This is a great idea! The mental health industry seems to marginalize thing in to disorders, and helping people who do not seek diagnosis is great!

  2. Ryan, I am 59 and self-diagnosed. Anyone my age is likely to not have a diagnosis. Back in the olden days, we were just "shy" or "eccentric". This is a good idea. I think there are many, many older people who are on the spectrum and don't know it. Figuring this out has really improved my life a lot!

  3. Hi Ryan, I agree this is a great idea. I've also had no option but to self-diagnose. At 46 I think i have finally found the kink in my armour. I was 14 when I suspected something was amiss. In my twenties and 30's I knew for sure. Multiple visits to psych's revealed very little except a headache. I was diag. @ 10 with ADHD. From 27 to 33 I thought I had Aspergers, I bought a book by Susan Ashley and there were 1 or 2 key factors I didn't measure up against. Back to square one. More personal research revealed up to and beyond 2009 I was born with FAS and had multiple secondary disorders. So I have come to the conclusion I have PDD-NOS b/c there are various sympt's from a few disorders on the spectrum.

    So all power to you for what you are doing. I myself am having a time of it keeping up with writing a holistic memoir on my expression, maintaining my blog and keeping up my reading of others blogs.

    Until I found G+ I had no idea expressions of Autism were so prevalent and wide ranging. It really makes you wonder just how many people have an expression and do not know it.
    So much for the "professionalism" of the generic medical society, esp. here in Aust. They seem to be class and politically driven.

    In my family I am sure there are other members with similar probs. but no-one talks about the obvious and it is accepted that 'odd' behaviour and sometimes obnoxious behaviour is normal.