Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Note to my Readers

Unfortunately my podcast for Thursday, June 27 was interrupted when I lost power 45 minutes before show time.  I am going to reschedule the show for the tentative date of Wednesday, June 3.  More updates to come in further posts.

High School Graduates Win Autism Scholarship

Three graduating high school seniors with autism are receiving some much needed funds for college after winning the Spring 2013 "Making a Difference for Autism Scholarship."  Derek Stiner won the $500 scholarship, which he plans to use to major in psychology at Murray State University.  Two Honorable Mentions, Cameron Cassali and Dani Bowman, each won $250 to meet their college needs.

Kerry Magro, founder of "Making a Difference Foundation," also has autism.  This is the first year the scholarship has been offered to graduating high school seniors.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tune into my Autism Awareness Podcast

Tune into the next broadcast of Junior Positively Autistic: Ryan's Spectrum Talk.  During this show, I will discuss how people on the spectrum might depend on routine referencing the sitcom "Big Bang Theory" and my own experience as an aspiring novelist.  Also, I will discuss some things parents should keep in mind during the 4th of July Holidays.  This show will take place today at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST, and 11 pm UK time.  Click here to tune in:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vicar Awarded for Work with Autism

Reverend Dr. John Gillbrand is the first person to win the Autism Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Welsh Vicar has a son with autism.  Dr. Gillbrand advocated for autism in his community and set up the Cross Party Autism Group in the National Assembly of Wales.  Also an author, Dr. Gillbrand's book is titled Disabled Church, Disabled Society: The Implications of Autism for Philosophy, Theology, and Politics. This book was shortlisted last month for the 2013 Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing.  This man is certainly one dedicated father.

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Did You Miss My Podcast on 6-20-13? Tune in Here!

If you missed my show the other day, click here to listen to my interview with fellow Positively Autistic member Erik Estabrook.  Erik is a poet, autism advocate, and the host of Poetic Vision.  We also received a special message from Joe Westlake, the co-founder of Positively Autistic.

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Air Pollution may Increase Risk of Autism

Mothers exposed to air pollution during pregnancy show an increased risk of developing autism, according to a study performed by Harvard School of Public Health.  The autism-air pollution link was first made by Gayle Windham of the California Department of Health Services.  Referencing the Nurse's Health Study 2 and using data from the Environmental Protection Agency, researchers determined there is a strong correlation between air pollution and increased risk of autism.  More research is needed to determine higher risk contaminants.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Classic Car Redesigned to Raise Autism Awareness`

Jeff Finly is redesigning a classic car to raise autism awareness.  Finlly's Honda Del-Sol is already a unique car due to some design features.  It's going to be even more unique once Finly finishes adding puzzle pieces to the interior and body of his car, to raise autism awareness.  Since his brother-in-law is on the autism spectrum, Finly has a personal stake in the cause of autism awareness.

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A Sidelong Glance at Autism

"Normal is defined by the majority or those with the loudest voice."

-Ryan Comins

I often wonder how my life might have turned out if I was born at some point in the past.  At a time when autism was not as understood as it is today.  If I was born in medieval times, I might have had holes drilled in my head.  My point is that we have learned a lot about autism and we are learning more every day.  We still have a long way to go but we have made progress.

Autism may not be a social deficit after all but a difference in brain function that has been interpreted as a social deficit.  It has been proven that those on the spectrum place more emphasis on their peripheral vision than on objects or people within the center of their vision field.

From the beginning, people have assumed that autism is a type of social deficiency but studies have revealed new information about why those on the autism spectrum might avoid eye contact.  It has to do with how the brain processes visual information.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bikers Trek East Coast for Autism

Cyclists on the east coast of the United States have come up with an exhilarating way to raise autism awareness.  The first of three 100 mile summer bike treks took place last Friday, starting in Manhattan and ending at Westhampton Beach. A second riding event will take place August 2 from Washington D.C. to Dewey Beach, Delaware and a third will take place August 30 from Boston to Newport Rhode Island.

Participants are required to raise a minimum of $500 for Autism Speaks in order to participate.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

NASCAR Supports Autism Awareness

NASCAR is getting involved with autism awareness.  The FedEx 400 race last weekend benefited Autism Speaks.  The racing sports commitment to raising autism awareness is proven through a partnership between NASCAR and Autism Speaks.  Driver Lorri Unumb is the founder of the Autism Academy of South Carolina and recipient of the 2012 Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award.  Unumb also received a $100,000 charitable donation from NASCAR.

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Autism Awareness Television Commercial

This is a short, new video about eye contact.  Sponsored by Autism Speaks, this video appears to serve as an advertisement to educate parents about autism awareness.  If a child does not make eye contact, autism is definitely a possibility.  While an autism diagonsis can be life changing, it is not the end of the world..  The creation of this video is a step in the right direction.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tune into my Show Tomorrow

Join me for my next show tomorrow at 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST, and 11 pm UK time.  My guest will be Kristin Rohrbeck, Program Coordinator at OUCARES, which is a center for autism at Oakland University.  Click here to tune in:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Great Autism Video

This video is designed to help clear up some of the common misconceptions that people have about autism.  It is not too long, it runs just over nine minutes.   The main idea is that autism is an invisible condition.  Also, autism statistics from the UK are cited.

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