Saturday, August 17, 2013

An "Unrecognized" Autism Population?

There has always been a lot of attention spent on children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a reasonable about of attention is now being paid to adults with autism as they try to cope with sensory issues among other things.  However, what about the senior citizen population that is on the autism spectrum?

Donald Triplett, 77, of Forest Mississippi was the first person to receive an autism diagnosis around 1943.  According to my source, Triplett was known as "Case One" regarding what was considered to be an extremely rare condition.  Only ten other children were diagnosed with autism at that time.

This brings attention to a hardly discussed population on the autism spectrum: the senior citizen population.  Does anyone know someone over age 65 who is on the autism spectrum?  What are their individual needs?  Do you feel like enough attention is paid to oldsters on the autism spectrum?

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