Saturday, August 3, 2013

Children with Autism/ADHD More Prone to Video Game Addicitions

A new study has revealed that children with autism and ADHD are more prone to excessive video game usage, according to an article published in the August issue of "Pediatrics."  Experts say that video game addictions result from difficulties experienced in relating with peers.

Video game addictions is something that I have experienced with varying degrees throughout my life.  In fourth grade, I would have much rather played the computer game "TIE Fighter" than worked on my homework.  Even today, at age twenty five, there are times when video games have cut into my writing and autism advocacy work.

If I had to give a reason, I would say that playing video games still gives me a sense of control that I don't always have at work or in my social life.  In any case, excessive video game use can be harmful if not controlled.  While attending school, I tried to set a timer and take breaks from studying for class to play video games. When the timer went off, I returned to my studies.  This routine worked reasonably well although there were times I was tempted to keep on playing instead of returning to my studies.

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