Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hate Letter Sparks Outrage in Autism Community

You have probably heard the story by now, about the grandmother in Newcastle Ontario who received a hate letter from her neighbor about her grandson, who has classic autism.  If this story is news to you, click here to find out more.  I have made many friends within the autism community through social media over the past few years and this story has been everywhere on my Facebook news feed.  The support I have seen from the autism community is just amazing.  It also shows how strong we are as a whole.

I was hesitant to draw any attention to this story at first because I believed the letter in question was the work of a prankster but sources (like the one above) believe that this letter was legitimately sent by a neighbor who does (or did not previously) understand autism.  I hope that the response her words have induced from the autism community has made this mother think twice about how she views those on the autism spectrum.

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