Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Company can Help Missing People with Autism

The search continues for a 14 autistic boy, Avonte Oquendo, who is missing in New York City.  Avonte is non-verbal, which increases the urgency to find him as quickly as possible.  Searches are being concentrated around subway tunnels.  It was reported that Avonte has run away three times previously and was found near area train stations. (source)

We all dread stories of missing individuals on the autism spectrum and the horror stories that appear all too often in the mainstream media.

A few months ago on my autism awareness podcast, I interviewed two parents of an autistic child, Bruce and Erin Wilson, who started a company called QR Code ID.  A QR code is a special label that can be read by smart phones and take the phone user to certain websites.  This QR code is placed on the clothing of an autistic child.  When the code is scanned by a smart phone, anyone who happens to find this child alone can receive any information the parent would like them to know.  It gives low function autistic kids a fighting chance if they happen to wander.

Click here to find out more about QR Code ID:

Edit 10-10-13 2:49 EST: Click here to listen to my interview with Bruce and Erin Wilson about their company QR Code ID:

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