Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Animator with Autism Recognized for Achievements

A good friend of mine was recently recognized for her great accomplishments as an individual on the autism spectrum.  Dani Bowman was recently awarded the "Hero Goody Necklace" for teaching animation to over 250 children with autism.   Dani was also awarded the Next Level Artist award and the Temple Grandin Award.   All these awards were given during the Exceptional Ability Awards in Los Angeles.  A short animation film created by Dani also received some well deserved recognition at Comic-Con 2013.  "How Hannah Lost Her Smile," premiered for the Comic-Con audience.  Great job Dani!

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  1. Dani is a very talented artist and a very delightful person! Yay, Dani! You work hard and you deserve all good things in life! <3 Congratulations!