Monday, November 4, 2013

SENSE Program Uses Theatre to Help Kids with Autism

Those on the autism spectrum are often valued for the high level of creativity that we have to offer to the world around us.  Therefore, I think it is rational to assume that the use of creativity can help solve many behavioral issues that may arise.    Joey Travolta's Inclusion Film Camp is a great example of this.  Also, it has been proven that involvement in another creative pursuit, theatre, can help those on the autism spectrum to improve their behavior.

In the source article I used to derive this blog post, it was stated that those on the autism spectrum were paired with NT peers.  All participants were between the ages 8 and 17.  The camp, called SENSE, taught social skills while working toward the end result of a theatre performance.  

The only part of this article I disagree with is the way the title was used.  I feel that the writer implied that theatre is a one-size-fits-all solution.  Autism doesn't work in that way.  It's the creativity aspect of these programs which determines their success.  Whether it's theatre, or Film Camps, or even surfing.  Based on my experience as an individual on the autism spectrum and through all the people I have met by advocating for autism, I feel that creativity is the driving factor that enables those on the spectrum to display talents and abilities that were previously unobserved.

To read about the SENSE program, click here:

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