Saturday, January 4, 2014

Media usage linked to Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is important to healthy development and growth for children.  A study performed by the University of Missouri has linked the use of easy-to-reach technology and media to less sleep for boys with autism.  I myself am guilty as charged.  Last night I could be found surfing the web on my phone which I charge within reach of my bed.

The study revealed that this not only a problem related to autism but with the general population as well. While easy access to the world wide web has solved many problems, it has clearly created some new problems.

During the study, boys parents of those with autism as well as parents of NT boys were surveyed to determine how much time per day their children use media.  They found a link between bedroom access to a TV or computer and lack of sleep.  There was a much stronger correlation between boys with autism and lack of sleep due to media usage.  Members of the research team stated that further research was needed to see what processes might contribute to lack of sleep in boys on the autism spectrum.

Parents, is your son with autism getting enough sleep at night?  Does he have easy access to media in the place where he sleeps?

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