Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Autistic Teen Asks Ellen DeGeneres to Prom, Receives Community Support

It is truly unfortunate that there are those, on the spectrum and off, who feel that they are alone even though they are in fact surrounded by friendly, loving people.  Yesterday, someone I used to work with committed suicide.  I never really spoke with her that much but it is clear that she was loved because of the number of people who have been hurt by this loss.

This story proves that there is always hope, no matter how alone or disconnected you might feel.  Esteban Barriga, a teen with autism from Maynard Massachusetts, told his mother that he was not going to his high school prom because he had no friends.  He eventually changed his mind and decided who he wanted to ask to accompany him on that special show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Although this seems like a tall order to achieve, it has helped Esteban see one thing in his life that he did not see before.  From the amount of support he is receiving from his classmates and his community, he has surely seen all the friends that he does have in his life.  Whether or not he actually reaches Ellen DeGeneres is irrelevant.  He's already proven his earlier statement wrong.  Esteban does indeed have friends who are willing to help him make his dreams come true.

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  1. I understand the lonliness - my son Alex still suffers being alone despite being an advocate for Autism Awareness and a vocalist going on stage and singing his songs to share his thoughts and pain. Yet, no one reaches out to truly be his friend - his constant companions are his dad and I and we have been left in the dust by our peers as we have devoted our adult lives to him since his diagnosis at the age of 6. Now at the age of 23 if not for our Advocacy of My Impossible Dream - we would be just a three-some.

  2. I hope she says yes It takes great courage and greatness to go for your dreams best of luck..OH yah SAY YES ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!