Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vacuum Drawing Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Over the past few years of advocating for autism, I have come to know quite a few talented artists who are on the autism spectrum.  While I have not met Marcus Bartlett, I feel compelled to share his story which has received quite a bit of attention on social media in recent times.

Bartlett is an 18 year high school senior from Missoula, Montana.  One of the many drawings he has created contains a pink Hoover Vacuum.  Many individuals on the autism spectrum have interests about which they know a great deal.  Since he was ten years old, Bartlett has been fascinated in Hoover Vacuums.  This has been directly reflected through his artwork.

A few months ago a paraprofessional who works with Bartlett, Kathy Howlett, mailed one of Bartlett's drawings to Hoover Headquarters.  The drawing was, in turn, featured on Hoover social media which sparked an online frenzy.  Over the intervening time, the pink Hoover vacuum drawing, and Bartlett, received worldwide attention.

The end result of all this was Bartlett received a surprise from Hoover.  They had created a custom vacuum matching what he had drawn and sent it to him.  The vacuum was presented to him during a school assembly, along with a coloring book which chronicled the events that were sparked when that drawing was sent to Hoover.  Bartlett has used this publicity to advocate for autism.

To read more about Bartlett and his Hoover Vacuum, click here: 

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