Saturday, July 16, 2011

Autism and Certain Food Textures

As I grew up, it became apparent that there were some types of food that I just could not handle eating.  Some of those foods include: any type of potato (excluding crispy and salty french fries), stuffing, certain kinds of bratwurst, mustard, onions, mushrooms, the list goes on.  There are also some types of food that I used to not like when I was younger, but now I eat on a regular basis.  This list includes pizza and lasagna.  I particularly cannot stand the texture and general feel of mashed potatoes.  Just having the vegetable in my mouth creates a retching sensation.  It goes beyond simply not liking the taste.

In some cases with autism, the texture of certain types of food cause a sensory overload, such as my case with the mashed potatoes.  I understand that parents want their kids to eat their vegetables, but understand that when my parents forced me to eat mashed potatoes when I was younger, far from making me appreciate the vegetable, it made me hate them even more and strive to avoid them as soon as it was my choice to do so.


  1. Thank you Ryan for sharing your insight. What helped you try new things? my little guy likes mostly cold and crunchy but is very limited. Were you able to try new things because you just plain got tired of the usual ones?

  2. Over the years, my parents pressed me to try different foods. I resisted for a long time, but over time I gave in, little by little. I started eating pizza when I was about eight, and started eating french fries a little time after that. I didn't really get tired of eating the same things, once a habit of eating the same thing started, it was hard to break on my own. I hope that helps.

  3. Thanks Ryan! Any insight is helpful :) I try to offer new things and not to push but the "mom" in me can't help but worry about it health wise.