Friday, July 29, 2011

Slow Change is the Change that Matters

That point in seventh grade when I was an outpatient at the Fox Center was the most definite turning point in my life.  All the escalation that had been occurring for the last few years suddenly stopped.  Everything from my falling school grades to the association with teachers who didn't take the time to understand me, to the classmates who gave me a hard time, everything came to a complete standstill when I started going back to school late October in 2000.  It was almost as though my life can be divided in half from the events prior to October 2000 to the events following October 2000.

When I say that things came to a complete standstill, I don't mean that things started improving right away.  Two months after starting again at middle school I failed a computer class simply because I did not pay attention in class.  That was the last time I ever failed a class.  Boy scouts was still hard for me because they had not noticed the internal change.  Almost a year later at summer camp, I was told by a scout leader that I was not the same person I was a year ago.  I was much calmer, more reserved, kept and I made a point of keeping whatever ecentricities I had to myself.

At the end of the school year in 2001 when I finished up middle school and prepped to enter high school I made the honor role.  This is a luxury I would enjoy all throughout high school.   To this day, I have only received three "C" equivalent grades in college: Precalculus,Calculus I, and Second Year Spanish.  I my remaining three semesters of college, I plan to continue what started that time when I stood up in front of my fellow classmates and realized I was a different person.  A better person.

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