Saturday, August 20, 2011

Andrew's Story

This achievement by someone on the autism spectrum is not recent, but I think that it is worth noting the magnitude of this accomplishment.  Almost three years ago, a young autistic man named Andrew Pegg of Frostburg Maryland, who was twenty two at the time, received the annual Personal Achievement Award from the Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services and the Maryland Rehabilitation Association.  Andrew owns a small business Andilla Designs and Graphics.  Andrew is nonverbal and communicates only through writing.

Andrew has overcome an hoard of barriers in his lifetime to achieve something that few people achieve, even when they do not deal with the issues dealt by those on the spectrum.  He found what he did best, and makes money doing so.  As of December 2008, Andrew was very active in disability groups, composing slideshows to illustrate his points.

This is the website I used to find out about Andrew's achievements.

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