Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet Eric Sissom

For my first blog post about an autistic achievement, I went to a few websites to see if I could find a recent event that occurred within the past week.  After searching through several major newspaper companies, and not finding a single recent event, I resorted to Google to try to find an achievement made by someone with autism.  After some searching, I stumbled upon Eric's personal website.

Eric Sissom was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age fourteen.  He has documented a large portion of his personality, his beliefs and interests, and many of his autism symptoms.  I has quite surprised when I read that milk gave him an almost nicotine type "high."  Eric will soon graduate with a Master's Degree in Information Systems from Middle Tennessee State University.  This is quite an accomplished young man.

There is no specific accomplishment to report here, as I had intended; just another success story that proves that those with autism can find a place within society and excel in the talents that have been given to them.

To view more information about Eric and his many insights into autism, visit his website at

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