Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Autism and Emotional Outbursts

This topic was recently brought to my attention, so I thought I should address it in this post.  

Are those with autism prone to anger outbursts? 

Not only is autism frustrating for the family of the autistic individual, but it can also be frustrating for the individual who has autism.  When I was younger, I would sometimes feel angry with the prospect of not being like everyone else and not understanding myself.  I never resorted to violence as a result of my feelings, but I have seen it happen to other individuals who have the condition.  

The only suggestion I can make is try to recognize when a child with autism is upset to see if there is any way that an act of violence could be prevented.  Something that contributes to that frustration is taunts from classmates in school.  I have noticed that grade school students, particularly those who attend middle school, throw out taunts without a second thought to how an individual with autism might feel.  Let me remind my readers that I am not a professional, I can only offer my own experience and this is one of the things I have encountered.

A suggestion I can make to those who have autism is never be afraid to ask for help.  Even if you strongly doubt that anyone can understand what you are going through, believe me, there are.

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