Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Siblings of Those with Autism

Many people are affected from a diagnosis with autism.  Parents, teachers, classmates all have to adapt to meet the needs of a child with autism.  Perhaps the most affected by a diagnosis with autism are the siblings of that child with autism.  The siblings of those with autism are the ones who have to make the most sacrifices in order to meet the needs of their autistic brother or sister.

My own brother has been affected by my autism in many ways.  Since my autism is milder than many forms, this has not been as significant as it would be in the case of someone with severe autism or even Aspergers Syndrome.  My brother and I are different in many ways.  He is more outgoing and more social than I am.  He is more interested in the latest trends or gadgets, whereas, I am not the kind of person who has to buy a new cell phone just because the older version has been updated.  Also, I do not dress in the latest fashions.  Right now I am wearing a striped polo and a khaki pair of pants.  I am wearing ankle socks, but purchasing them was really the only step I took at updating my fashion in recent years.

We get along as well as can be expected, my brother and I.  Personally, I prefer the company of more mature individuals rather than the spontaneous communication expected from individuals my own age.  He likes spending time with his peers and feels uncomfortable with the type of people that I prefer spending time with. 

That is pretty much my experience in this matter.  I know that different families who have to deal with autism might have it worse than I have it, or they might have it better.  I don't know.  I hope that my experience gives my readers an idea of how another sibling relationship besides their own has been affected by autism.

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