Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor Morris Part One

For this week, I am going to talk about videos created by Taylor Morris, a “real autistic success story.” Over the last few years, she has created a series of videos discussing her autism.  Taylor has tremendous insight and is good at helping people understand the world that she, and I, experience.  Over my next three posts, I am going to start by talking about what Taylor has become and then backtrack to who she used to be.

Tayloy is an impressive autistic advocate. She has also become a model, something that is truly extraordinary.  This video shows what she has become by sharing her visions with the world.  I hope this will help parents, as well as individuals with autism, to know that these barriers created by autism can really be broken.  Not only that, it also shows that people with autism can reach amazing heights of success that many people without complications of autism never experience.

Here is a link to one of Taylor’s videos talking of her success as an autistic advocate and a model.

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