Saturday, January 12, 2013

Take A Look at My New Website

About a week ago, I created my own website to display a lot of my writing and to advertise my book.  It contains content from The Voice from the Spectrum, as well as a number of other writing accomplishments.  I have also used the site to introduce new information about my work-in-progress fantasy series.  To view my website, click on the following link:


  1. Congratulations on your new website, Ryan! I checked it out, and I can say is it’s simply functional. The color scheme you used are uncomplicated, making the online visitors explore your website further. You know, when an individual uses flashy images and colors, he might drive a user away from the page. Good job! :]

  2. Thank you for your analogy Sage Aumick. One of the things I learned in college is that using flashy effects and color schemes can actually distract users from the content on a website rather than drawing their interest. Thanks again.