Friday, May 24, 2013

Autism Friendly Screening of "Addams Family"

Autism Speaks and Olympia Entertainment are working together to offer the first autism friendly screening of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.  This show will take place June 14 at 8 pm at the Fox Theatre in Detroit MI.  Tickets (priced $15, $30, $45, $55, $75) are on sale now and can be purchased here or by calling Olympia Entertainment at (313) 471-3099.   While tickets are available to all members of the public, buyers should indicate that they would like to see the Autism Friendly performance.  

Working in conjunction with the producers of THE ADDAMS FAMILY and Autism Speaks, Olympia Entertainment have pledged to create a fun, inviting environment for individuals and families with members who have ASD while providing the opportunity to experience a live Broadway production in its entirety.  This experience will surely brighten many lives and give those on the spectrum an experience that they will remember for a long time.

Accommodations offered include a "run of show" prior to the performance, so parents can be aware of what special effects and other exciting moments during the show might prompt sensory overload in ASD viewers.  There will also be quiet areas set up so that viewers on the spectrum can take a break from the performance, as needed.  

"We had overwhelming support following our first ever Autism-friendly Sesame Street Live Performance at the Fox Theatre," said Tom Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Olympia Entertainment.  "We are thrilled to offer another opportunity for families to again enjoy a wondrous theatre experience in a welcoming and inclusive environment."

This Autism-Friendly performance was reviewed and approved by Autism Speaks.

'We are so pleased to continue our partnership with Olympia Entertainment and to host this performance of THE ADDAMS FAMILY," said Tom Riopelle, Michigan Director of Autism Speaks.  'Being able to provide a world-class theatrical performances that all can enjoy here in Michigan is an incredible gift that we are all so proud of and something we can look forward to doing with Olympia for years to come!"

The partnership between Autism Speaks and Olympia Entertainment, Inc. was created as part of the Michigan is Listening initiative, which is a statewide awareness program that asks the people of Michigan to pledge to tell 10 people about autism.  This will raise awareness to those who would otherwise be ignorant of autism. As part of this campaign destinations around the state who make a commitment to creating a welcoming experience for those with autism receive a designation as a Michigan is Listening Destination.

To find out more about Autism Speaks, click here.  Also, check out Olympia Entertainment on Facebook.  For more information about the Addams Family Tour, click here.

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